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 Clan Rules. Must read!

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Clan Rules. Must read! Empty
PostSubject: Clan Rules. Must read!   Clan Rules. Must read! Icon_minitimeSun Apr 13, 2008 1:13 pm

1.What the Leaders say, goes.

If they ask you to do something you get out of your way to do it. During pvp/raids you must listen to them, they might not be always right but don't argue about it during the pvp/raids do it after.

2. We are a team.

Every single member of this clan is part of the Team, no fights/dramas/conflicts will be tolerated. If you have problem with other member take it to the leaders, they will solve it out. If clanie needs help doing something, do your best to help him, and remember, we are as strong as our weakest member.

3. All materials, recipes, fulldrops, ets goes to CWH.

Even if the fulldrop is part of the set you are trying to get give it to the leader or drop it in the Clan WH. Leaders will decide who gets the gear, remember that the more active and helpfull you are, the faster you'll get geared. When recruit joins clan all hes mats, AA, key-mats, recipes and etc becomes clans property and must be deposited to CWH.

4. Vent is a must.

Exceptions will be made in special occasions for people who're playing from work,etc. If you dont have mic, you still have to be in vent. There are no other exceptions about this rule - No Vent = No Party Ingame. Kick If It Happens Several Times.

5. No shittalk tolerated

Ignore those who spam you. Do not flame ingame, you can take it to the forums.

6.No overenchanting

There will be NO overenchanting of any equipment while ANY member of the clan does not have his/her set/weapon. There will also be NO overenchanting unless YOU can replace the gear on your own.(by buying full items - because all mats belongs to cwh's!)

7. No selling

NO selling of gear, mats, recs, etc between members of the clan and to randoms.

8. Read forum

Make sure you keep reading the forums for important Announcements.

9. Inform your Partyleaders

Every partymember has to inform his/her partyleader via forum at least 24h before any siege if she/he will be there or not.(We go to every single siege - so make sure your are always around on siege time).
Every partymember has to inform his partyleader via forum when she/he goes inactive for any reason or is playing on another chars.

10. Party your clanies

If there is anyone asking for party and you got free slot - then you take the person even if you get lower exp on your own.
Also if you got randoms and a clanie is asking for party - you kick the random and take clanie.

11. Clan hall rent/craft

Every member has to pay 2kk/week for clan hall rent and crafts - You have to give thous 2kk to responsible officer by the end of the week.(Feel free to give more so we can craft faster, people who support clan will get gear faster.)

12. Botting, Exploiting etc

Botting and exploiting will be not tolerated, person will be kicked.

13. Randoms/PVP at all

Don't flag/grief any Randoms (also neutral Clans) without any reason.(They took your exp spot might be a reason)

14. Exping/Quests (3rd class, it etc.)

Exping mains has higher priority then subs.If there are people who needs help doing 3rd class quest then everyone goes to help him asap, unless leaders says differently.
Noone is allowed to take Varka/Ketra & IT quest without permission - there will be choosed people who will hold the quest to farm recipes.(Also lvl 2 ally for 3rd class will be done by turn, because it's going alot faster by turn, than all at once.)

15. Farming

Farm mats/rcps that's requested by officers/leaders asap. Faster you farm, faster we gear up.[u]
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Clan Rules. Must read!
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